Schwalbe Neumático de bicicleta Marathon GreenGuard (47-559 | Reflex | cubierta)

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Neumático inalámbrico Marathon GreenGuard de Schwalbe


El original. El precursor de todos los neumáticos de turismo de alta calidad. Con inserción GreenGuard de 3mm de grosor hecha de caucho natural altamente elástico.
Las tallas más importantes del Marathon están probadas y aprobadas para e-bikes de hasta 50km/h.

  • Tamaño: ETRTO 47-559 (26 x 1.75" )
  • Diseño: Performance Line
  • Tipo: Clincher, Reflex
  • Piel: Twin, GreenGuard
  • Presión: 3,0 - 5,0 Bar (45 - 70 psi)
  • Perfil: HS420
  • Compuesto: Endurance
  • Más Información
    Más Información
    ID Fabricante11100138
    Peso875 g (31 oz)
    Modelo de neumáticoneumático de alambre
    Tamaño de rueda26 Pulgadas
    Tamaño de neumáticos ETRTO (ancho x diámetro)47-559mm
    Protector contra pinchazos
    materialEndurance / GreenGuard
    Entrega incluye1 Pieza
    Información adicionalGreenGuard:

    The insert of highly flexible natural rubber is 3 mm thick. Its inner values are also "green". A third of the GreenGuard is produced from recycled latex products.

    Old products of natural rubber (such as gloves, inner tubes …) are shredded and, after several process stages, are again used as basic material in the puncture protection inserts.

    E-Bike Ready 50:

    Need a special tire for an E-bike?

    In standard pedelecs that have motor assist up to 25 km/h, there is no legal requirement for a special tire. But even with these bikes, loads and average speeds are higher than in regular bikes, therefore we recommend only certain tires as "E-Bike Ready 25".

    What should you look out for with faster E-bikes?

    Special tires are necessary for fast E-bikes. The best solution is tires with ECE-R75 certification, valid throughout Europe. All our Energizer tires bear the mark and are valid on vehicles up to 50 km/h.

    Some Marathon sizes have also the ECE-R75 mark. What's the difference between Energizer and Marathon?

    It is in the compound. A Marathon is renowned for its extremely high mileage. The service life of the Energizer models is not bad, but the main focus is on grip and thus safety in high speed cornering.
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